About us

The Arkansas Lifespan Respite Coalition is comprised of family caregivers as well as staff from organizations with outreach across the state, representing all populations regardless of age, income, cultural or ethnic background, or need/disability of the care recipient. The Division of Provider Services and Quality Assurance within the Arkansas Department of Human Services serves as the central point of contact for the Arkansas Lifespan Respite project across the state. Our goal is to improve the awareness and access of respite information and services available to families across age and disability spectrums by expanding and coordinating existing respite systems in Arkansas. Our mission is to support and promote the development of a comprehensive, statewide respite and crisis care system that is responsive to the needs of caregivers and their families; and enhances the quality of life for all individuals. Our vision is to create an environment within Arkansas where respite and crisis care are readily available and easily accessible to all caregivers through education and awareness. Our purpose is not to act in the role of a direct service provider but to build a statewide system to identify and coordinate respite care options for families regardless of age, special need, or other characteristics of the person needing care. Lifespan Respite Care is funded through a grant awarded to the Arkansas Department of Human Services through the Administration for Community Living.